Best Books on Texas Holdem

Texas Holdem is an exciting poker game played with great interest both in casinos and online poker rooms. Everyone who wants to play this card game and become an advanced Texas Holdem poker player needs not only to learn the rules and basic strategy of the game, but also watch some videotapes and read some useful poker books. Here are some great books, which will help both beginners and expert poker players. Reading these books all beginning Texas Holdem players will learn how to play this very popular casino game and all advanced players will improve their play. 

Book – Hold Em Poker for Advanced Players
Authors – David Sklansky and Mason Malmuth

This book is appropriate for intermediate to advanced poker players who know how to play the game of Texas Holdem. Reading this book you will learn how to play the first two cards depending on your position, how and when to bluff, whether to check or rise, you will learn more about Slow Playing and many other things, which will help you become a successful Texas Holdem player. Everyone who reads Hold Em Poker for Advanced Players will receive a good grounding in Limit Texas Holdem poker game.

Book – The Psychology of Poker
Author – Alan Schoonmaker

In order to become a successful poker players you will need to master many skills and strategies, including precise hand selection, reading hands, mastering bluffs and so on. The Psychology of Poker will help you improve your play by reading your opponents and understanding who you play against. Reading this book you will learn more about the different types of poker players and in this way you will improve your results against your opponents. The author suggests strategic adjustments depending on the gamblers you play against.

Book – Super System
Author – Doyle Brunson

Read about various types of poker players and learn how to play against them. Super System will teach you some general strategies for winning poker, how to control your emotions,how to play patiently and so on. Here you will find many useful advices, which will help you to better your play and to become a winner.

Book – Hold em Excellence From Beginner to Winner
Author – Lou Krieger

Lou Krieger is a professional poker player and Hold em Excellence From Beginner to Winner is his first book. As the title of this great book shows, it is appropriate both for novice and expert poker players. If you are a beginning player this book will explain you the basics of poker game and what to expect when you play for the first time. Reading Hold em Excellence From Beginner to Winner you will learn the basic winning strategies in poker game, you will find information about how to bluff, how to play the blind bets and your first two cards. All beginners who read this book will certainly become winning poker players.

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