Strategy for Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild is one of the most popular video poker variants. As the name implies, twos act as wilds and can be substituted for any card to assemble a hand. While the wild card give can certainly work to your advantage, having a little strategy can go a long way in making you a successful player.

Probable Hand Scenarios

An optimal Deuces Wild strategy involves holding your cards to maximize your payout, which is best understood based on the number of twos dealt in your initial hand. For example, if you are dealt four deuces, you are assured a payout of 200 to 1. In this scenario, you certainly want to keep all of your deuces because the fifth card is irrelevant. If you are dealt three deuces, the best strategy would be to hold them if the cards result in a royal flush or five –of-a-kind. If not, you should hold your card with a value of 10 or higher and replace the others in attempt to assemble a wild royal flush.

If your initial hand reveals two deuces, you should analyze your hand to determine whether you have a four of a kind or higher. If so, you definitely want to hold onto those cards. Another good strategy here would be to hold onto the cards needed to assemble a royal flush or a straight flush with six as the lowest card. It is necessary for lower straight flushes two use the deuce as a two, which essentially reduces its wild card value. If none of these strategies are possible, you should hold the initial two deuces and replace the other three cards to come up with another combination.

If you are only dealt a single deuce in your initial hand, the Deuces Wild strategy gets a little more complex. In this scenario, you should hold any hand that consists of a four of a kind or higher. However, you may want to discard a lower paying hand in favor of a wild royal flush. If neither of these instances occur and you are a dealt a full house, you should hold onto it. Other hands you can try to assemble in order of importance include four to a straight flush with five as the lowest card, three of a kind, a straight, a flush, four to a low straight flush, three to a royal flush, and three to a straight flush with six as the lowest card. If none of these combinations can be assembled, you should hold onto your once deuce and replace everything else.


Developing a sound strategy is critical for the player who wants to be successful at Deuces Wild as it can place the average payout ratio over 100% when betting with five coins. If you bet five coins, a genuine royal flush pays out 800 to 1 rather than 250 to 1 when wagering with less coins. A good strategy will also better the chances of not losing your money over the long haul.

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