Texas Holdem Flop Play

Texas Holdem is an exciting poker game and if you know how to play it you can win big amounts of real money every day. As every poker player knows, there are four betting rounds in Texas Holdem poker. All players at the table receive two private cards and other five cards are dealt face-up on the table. These five cards are also called community cards and all players in the game use them to complete their hands. It means that every Texas Holdem player can use seven cards to form the best five-card hand.

This is part of a series explaining how to play each phase of Texas Holdem. Below is the complete list of articles.

preflop flop turn river

The Flop

Every Texas Holdem player needs to know how to play during the whole game, but the Flop is probably the most important part of it. All beginner poker players have to know that the Flop takes place when the first three community cards are dealt. The Flop is that part of the hand when you can realize whether your hand is winning or not and if you play it appropriately you have a great chance to see the showdown and to steal the pot. Many beginner Texas Holdem players lose their money by playing poor hands after the Flop so you have to think very carefully before deciding what to do. It is not very important what your starting hand is – even if you have a strong starting hand, after the Flop some of your opponents may have better hands and in this case you must fold. But if your hand has improved on the Flop and you think you have the best hand, you can continue to bet and raise in order to stay in the game.

There are many things to consider when deciding how to play the Flop – the number of players in the game, your position at the table, how strong your hand is, what hands are likely to have your opponents and so on. When the Flop ensues and you see you have nothing in your hand, it is better to fold. If your two private cards are clubs for example and there are other two clubs in the three community cards, you must calculate your outs and pot odds and consider other players hands. If you have a very strong hand, but you think someone else at the Texas Holdem table has a better hand, you must fold unless you think the following two community cards will improve your hand. In case when you have Three of a Kind or a Full House on the Flop it is almost sure that you will win the hand. In this situation you must play you hand with great attention if you do not want some of your opponents to win the pot.

If you have top pair with top kicker on the Flop you should bet if you want to see the Turn, because in this case your opponents will probably have weaker hands. If you have top pair with a poor kicker you must bet if you want to find out if your hand is good or not. If you are in the earliest or in the latest position, bet or raise if you think all your opponents will fold. In the best case – when you have very strong hand on the Flop (Four of a Kind, Straight Flush, Full House or Flush) you must c

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