Texas Holdem Multi Table Tournament Rules

A Multi Table tournament is a contest where many Texas Holdem players at many tables compete until only one remains. The number of tables is contracted by moving the players until there is only one table of players. The event continues until just one of the participants win the prize. All seats are randomly drawn prior to the start of the Multi Table Texas Holdem tournament. During the contest, the tables will fall down from the highest numbered to the lowest numbered tables. When moving players from one table to another, the player’s position from the blinds is taken into account when defining a new seat.

The system will be as fair as possible in an attempt to support the same distance from the blinds after the transfer. When the players lose all their chips they are announced out of the competition and finish in the order they were eliminated. In every standard Multi Table Texas Holdem tournament, all competitors start with 1,500 tournament chips. These event chips have no monetary value. All Texas Holdem tournaments automatically start at the preliminary announced time.

In the beginning of the game two cards are dealt to each Texas Holdem tournament player. The player after the big blind is the first who have to act. If more than one player are eliminated in the same hand, the player with the most chips before the hand ends the competition at higher position. In case when two participants have the same amount of chips before the hand, they will tie for the position. If there is a tie between two or more Texas Holdem players, the prizes are divided between all tied competitors. If two players in the Texas Holdem tournament tie for the second place, each player receives 50% of the second-place prize and 50% of the third place prize.

If the “small blind” player is eliminated, the button does not change its position and in this case the big blind is not missed by the next player in range. If a competitor, who is the “big blind” is eliminated, the button moves and one player takes the advantage of not setting the big blind for that part. All Texas Holdem players have the same advantage in this case. When you play in a Multi Table Texas Holdem tournament, the limits and blinds grow every several minutes depending on the exact competition and on the poker room you are playing at.

When you play No Limit games, you have to know that these games have unlimited raises in every betting round. So if you are not an advanced poker player, it is not recommended to start playing No Limit Texas Holdem. Usually, there is a break every hour in a standard Multi Table tournament. When there are ten players left in the Texas Holdem tournament, these players compete at the Final Table.

If you play in an online Multi Table Texas Holdem tournament and you lose your connection, you will be given some time to restore it. If you fail to connect during the current hand and it is your turn to act, you hand will be folded. If you play at the final table, in case of disconnection, you will be given up to 240 seconds to return in the game and after that your hand will be folded. Towards the final parts of a Multi Table tournament, the prize money raises greatly with every eliminated player. In these cases, when there is more than one table staying, the tournament may be played “hand-for-hand”.

The greatest advantage of playing Multi Table Texas Holdem tournaments is the possibility of improving your play. If you are such kind of Texas Holdem player, who usually makes one big bet an hour at one table, you could expect to win three big bets an hour by playing at three tables. So participate in Multi Table Texas Holdem tournaments and be the biggest winner in the world!

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