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For the first time in over a decade Rolandde Wolfe Poker is now open to guest post consideration.

If you’ve got a passion for poker and are an engaging writer I’ve got the most honest and diverse platform on the Internet to offer you.

Who I want to send in a story

Since I first launched Rolandde Wolfe Poker in 2005 the quality of writing in the poker industry has grown incredibly.

Oh, there’s still a remarkable amount of chaff to thresh from spammers and self-serving ad agencies thinly disguising spun PR garbage for their gaming operator overlords.

Don’t worry – they won’t have a shot here.

There’s also a fair number of really good poker writers out there underexposed in the wild, toiling away under pseudonyms on elitist forums, accumulating upvotes like a boss on Reddit, or trading secrets with their Skype strategy group.

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