How to Play Seven Card Stud

Seven cards stud poker is played all over the world. The players are dealt with two cards facing down and a card which is exposed. After this a betting round follows. After each round of cards are dealt rounds of betting follows. The player who wins the pot has premium cards and wins the best five poker card hand.

Some of the pre-requisites of playing this dynamic seven card stud poker are as follows:

All the players present on the poker table must initiate ante into the pot before the game starts. The players are dealt with two hole cards facing downwards and a door card. After the cards are dealt to the players on the poker table betting round follows. Most players fold their game in the initial rounds if they have a marginal game. Some players resort to playing bluff and winning the pot.

A combination of luck and skill is required to win the pot. An easy blend of both is required to dupe to the opponents. The game of poker silently proclaims that survival of the fittest would win the pot. After the first betting round all the players are dealt with the fourth street card. Another round of betting follows this action.

As the game starts taking a concrete shape only the tough players survive and they continue playing. It is very important to examine and study the opponents and their style of playing. You should look for signs that may help you in knowing the facts about the games of the opponents.

Betting continues after the fifth card is dealt to the players. Players should remember that if they pick up their up cards without the action of calling then it would be considered a fold. Your hand will be declared null or void.

The dealer plays an important role as he declares the low card, raises, high hands and all the pairs in all the games. However the dealer does not declare the straight, flushes other than in low-stake games.

A hand card which has more than seven cards is a dead hand. If a hand at the showdown has less than seven cards then it would considered a dead hand.

Seven card stud poker is a very simple and easy game to learn. This interesting game has many people across the world addicted to it.

Playing poker is difficult – face it, when you are just starting out, you definitely will lose a lot.  The reason for that is because you are probably making a lot of rookie mistakes.  It happens to the best of us, but in this blog, we are all about giving you the best tips in the world so that you can win back some of that money that you have already lost!

In the next couple blogs, we are going to explore some of the tips and tricks that will amaze your opponents and truly make sure that you win – everything!  Firstly, you need to make sure that you are not playing too many hands.  This happens more often than not and if you are playing too many hands, you are going to lose a heck of a lot more.

Beginners are better at playing bad hands than good ones and you want to be the exception – so make sure that you limit the amount of hands that you are playing.

Now that we have touched on playing too many hands, it is now time to explore playing the wrong hand in the wrong position.  Most of the time, beginners – if they get a good hand, want to play it right away.  Your position is definitely the most important aspect in poker and most of the time it is neglected.  While a 10 pair might seem like a good starting hand, but is it good in the position that you are in?

Late positions have the advantage over the earlier positions as they can see exactly what their opponents have before they lay down their own cards.  The rule of thumb for this tip is that you want to play again – lesser hands in the early position and more in the late position.

You always want to make sure that you stop playing if you are not one hundred percent committed too.  To be honest – poker is all about the commitment and if you are not for real don’t play that day.

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