Poker Hands

The poker hands and their standard placement are shown below. The ranking below is utilized in practically all varieties of poker. Bonus poker games such as Texas hold ’em, 5 card stud, Omaha, and other normal poker games employ this ranking.


In poker, the order of the cards is standard, with the second card being the smallest and the ace being the largest. If necessary, the authority can also be the first card, Straight.


In the following, all poker hands are evaluated from best to worst. The list begins with a verbal description of the writing in Finnish and English, followed by a pictorial example of a similar combination, a verbal description of the hand, and a rule for distinguishing two hands of the same style.

SOLVING THE DRAWING – Equally good hands

There are situations when two players hold a very good hand in poker. This can happen in Texas Hold ’em, for example:

Marko and Antti are both handcuffed to a woman in this illustration.

The pot is split between two or more poker players who have the same good, winning cards. Contrary to popular perception, the country of the cards has no bearing on bingo bonuses: if one has the color of the heart and the other has the color of the pot.


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