Texas Holdem The Turn

In Texas Holdem poker the Turn is the fourth community card, dealt face up in the middle of the table. Play begins with the first active player to the immediate left of the dealer. When the Turn takes place, the bets are doubled. At this point many Texas Holdem players complete their hands as there are four community cards on the board. Every poker player knows that there will be only one community card after the Turn and this is the Fifth Street.

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The Turn

In order to see the Turn, there are two possibilities for every Texas Holdem player. First, the player can see the Fourth Street if he has a strong hand after the Flop and second, the player will continue his play on the Turn if he has many outs and expects to form a very strong hand with the Turn card. If you think your opponents have worse hands than yours after the Turn card is dealt and you are first to act, the best decision in this case for you will be to bet. If you have only one pair in your hand and one of your opponents raises on the Turn, you should fold if you do not want to lose much money.

However, if you see the Turn with only two unsuited overcards and you see that it is not possible to improve your hand, you should fold. Also you should fold when there is a bet in front of you and you hold a poor hand. Do not expect very much from the last community card and remember that the best hand you can form with your two unsuited overcards is a pair. Knowing how to use the odds on the Turn will help you to improve your play and to become a successful Texas Holdem player.

In case when you are sure you have the strongest hand, the best strategy will be to make the other players at the table put money into the pot. It means that reading your opponents is very important when you are on the Turn. Another important thing to observe in the third round of betting is what kind of hands the other players have played and of course the way they play these hands. This will help you to build your own strategy and to see the Showdown.

Examine carefully your opponents before and after the Flop. It will give you useful information and will help you to make the right decisions on the Turn.

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